So where did Shannon begin his exciting career in entertainment? ...Modeling western wear! Just don't tell anyone...

Shannon Denton is a veteran storyteller and artist having recently worked as a storyboard artist on Paramount Pictures OSCAR NOMINATED feature "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" and is currently storyboarding the live action feature “Paul Bunyan”. He is now pursuing new challenges in Hollywood, specifically television and feature film development. His creator owned projects have been in developement with Jerry Bruckheimer Films, FoxKids, Jon Peters Entertainment, the Jacobson Company, Flat Iron Films, DeepRiver Productions, Out of the Blue Entertainment, MapleShade Films, UnderGround Films, Amen Ra Films, Exit 5 Entertainment, Mosaic Entertainment, Edelstein/Macari Entertainment, Orange Grove Entertainment, Global Amusement, and Blue Star Pictures.

Shannon previously acted as a storyboard director on the upcoming TV series Dan Dare. He has worked on live action projects ranging from "Ally McBeal" to "Casper meets Wendy" to pilot episodes for Jerry Bruckheimer Films. From 1995-1999 he contributed to the design and development of almost every action adventure show produced by the Fox Kids Network including the "X-Men", "Spider-Man" and the Annie nominated "Silver Surfer" series. Shannon directed the viral campaign animations for Paramount Pictures Oscar nominated animated feature "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius". He recently worked for Warner Brothers on the Emmy nominated "Osmosis Jones” tv series as well as episodes of the “Teen Titans”, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and the new "He-Man" .Shannon has had the opportunity to work for every major comics publisher on projects ranging from "Superman" to "Spawn" to "Star Wars".  In 2000 Shannon and Patrick Coyle founded the critically acclaimed publishing entity Komikwerks. His off hours are spent publishing his creator owned stories through Komikwerks and other publishers. KRISTEN FITZNER DENTON
Kristen Fitzner Denton is a professional 3D computer animator/modeler and graphic designer. Having graduated with a BFA in Media Arts from the University of Arizona in Tucson, she moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in television and film. She recently worked on Paramount Pictures Oscar nominated animated feature Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius as a 3D character modeler and Universal's Tremors 3:Back to Perfection.

She has worked in 3D computer animation and production for Fox Kids' Silver Surfer, Visual Effects Coordinator on Young Hercules for Renaissance with Flat Earth Productions, and as a character modeler and animator at Flat Earth and Foundation Imaging on Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, Max Steel, and the upcoming Dan Dare. She has also worked in marketing for New Line Films, and various other freelance production projects.


The newest staff member is Sinbad the cat, who has just finished sketching the newest edition of "Colonel Cat... Food Inspector."

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