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Russel Wong
One of Hollywood's leading Asian-American actors, Russell has
starred in such films as Romeo Must Die. He is a co-Founder of
Delta Wing Productions.
Ross Lamanna
Screenwriter of Rush Hour, and author of the novel Acid Test, Ross
is also a co-founder of Delta Wing Productions.
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Collector Times
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Joe's Digital Bar and Grill
Surfer Joe and Susan, the 3Diva, need we say any more
Reverie Productions
Our best buddy, Glen's site
Antarctic Press
Home of Warrior Nuns and other indy comics
Madman creator, Mike Allred's Web Site
Toy Ray Guns
Kind of like the Library of Alexandra for "ray guns..." Sci fi Weekly
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Professional Art School
Crime Lab
Spawn Inker, Danny Miki's Web Site
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Digital Webbing
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Johnny Smackpants
-- Comic site for the original tight-lipped, trouser-smacking tough guy, by Patrick Coyle and Non-Stop Studios