NIGHT RANGER-- Taking the crimefighting thing more seriously than anyone else is the mysterious NightRanger. No one knows what his powers are, but is certain that this mysterious crimefighter is not one to mess with. It's also for sure that he is unable to laugh . . . or at least they think so.

PROTEUS MAX -- Ultra-cool and seemingly unapproachable, Max is viewed as possibly the "hottest, hippest" student at the Academy. Which is why he spends a lot of time alone...because everybody assumes he's way out of their league and would never want associate with anyone beneath him. In reality, however, Max is a modest, friendly and completely approachable guy...which is a good thing, considering the fact that he can dissolve matter at the subatomic level.

MENTAL BOY -- While he doesn't actually mean to annoy anyone, Mental Boy does have the irritating bad habit of answering questions before you ask them. Equipped with one of the most powerful minds ever discovered, Mental Boy is a walking, talking to read minds, levitate objects with his thoughts (although he's not real good just yet), and perform minor mind control (he's even worse at this right now). And his personality...well, imagine the love child of Albert Einstein and Jerry Lewis, and you get the picture.