DIZER -- This master criminal is responsible for more space station robberies than any other intergalactic bad guy. Armed with a lethal plasma sickle/arm, Dizer instills fear where he roams, in all who cross his path. And in terms of his emotions...he has none, other than greed and anger.

DYTRA -- Vile in every way and bent on interstellar mayhem, Dytra preys on the weaknesses of others. Invasions. Kidnappings. Murders. You name it, he's committed it...all in name of revenge. A criminal since his youth, Dytra wound up imprisoned for a crime he claims he didn't commit. At the time, Dytra insisted he was being framed for murder by certain members of his gang who were trying to take over his nefarious operations...but the judge didn't buy it and threw the book at Dytra, giving him the hardest and longest prison term possible. Escaping after several horrifying years incarcerated with the worst of the worst, Dytra vowed to punish the universe for what he went through...and now seeks to enslave every single life form in existence. A power-hungry megalomaniac, Dytra's body is studded with barbs capable of firing disintegrating rays, which can vaporize any substance on contact. Responsible for the loss of Kosmo Kid's well as Meka-Man's suffering...a day of reckoning is on the horizon.

MISTRESS MAYHEM -- Cool name and intimidating costume. But very often, this cackling villainess is often the victim of her own evil machinations.