BLITZ BOY -- The youngest super-speedster in any galaxy, with the ability to move at Mach 5 (and getting faster all the time.) Others can move as fast as he can...but they are far older...and most have already hit their prime. At this point, there's no telling how fast Blitz Boy can become. Unfortunately, he hates sitting still, which makes attending class a torture. And all of his pent-up frustration is released in the form of be careful if you get in range of his quick wit.

IQ -- Quantum physics are a joke to this living computer. Born into a race whose greatest achievement so far has been the combustible engine, it was quiet obvious that this boy was a tad different. Able to process an almost infinite level of information and do quasi-level computations, I.Q. finds it hard to fit in at times. Never one to back down, I.Q. is usually the first to throw a punch thus confusing those around him all the more. I.Q. feels Professor Medula is the only one he can talk to even if the old man doesn't understand half of what he says.

COMET BOY -- Pulling comets out of the sky and directing them as weapons isn't all that easy, even if that is ones superpower. There's always that ackward moment while one waits for the comets to arrive. CometBoy is good natured lad but a tad on the nerdy side which makes things all the more ackward when his power suddenly changes from controlling comets to becoming a human comet.