LUNAR LASS -- Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound ... or make those buildings float is the trademarked gravity manipulating power of Lunar Lass. Her bubbly nature is often the subject of ridicule, but don't let her hear you or suffer her quick temper you will.

ZATAKHON -- While she only possesses limited super-speed and super-strength, Zatakhon has more resilience and tenacity than virtually any superhero in the universe. Others may be more powerful, but thanks to her amazing fortitude and moxie, Zatakhon has been known to come back from the edge of defeat, time and time again, always emerging the victor. The Astro Aces, especially Rocket Boy, see Zatakhon as living proof that willpower and commitment can triumph over evil.

GALAXI GIRL -- The first supermodel superhero, able to teleport herself through space and time, is every boy's dream. But the truth of the matter is that her "crime-fighting heroics" have been somewhat staged in the past...putting her superhero legitimacy into question. It's an encounter with the Astro Aces that leads her to a life-changing decision -- her powers will now be dedicated to helping those in need, rather than endorsing products.