Take a gander at what people are saying about
Meteor City Productions:

Regarding Actionopolis:

WINNER of a 2001 Readers Choice Red Kryptonite Award.
"Shannon Denton cranks out ACTIONOPOLIS, 112 pages of his own characters and concepts, as if he were Stan Lee and this were 1962."

- Clayton Emery/Comic Shop News
Regarding Meteor City:

"My 10-year-old daughter and I were perusing MeteorCity.net last night, and she summed it up best: 'Dad, your friend Shannon is a genius!'"
-Ross LaManna, screenwriter (Rush Hour, New Line, 1998) and novelist (Acid Test, Ballantine; 2001)
"...everything is simply amazing, you and your team are so good!!! "

Regarding Roxy Rangers:

"Roxi Rangers f$^%&*@g! rule!"
-Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator, now with Heavy Metal Magazine)


" Shannon Denton's ACTIONOPOLIS is poised to open a twelve pack of whup-ass all over the comics industry this year!"
-Andy Kuhn; artist on the Marvel Adventures and Spider-Man Unlimited

Regarding the Big Game #1:

"...the Big Game, a high-energy action-adventure book that sounds like an action/buddy film waiting to be made."
-Comic Shop News #638

Regarding High Stakes Adventure #1

"...is it entertaining? Abso-freakin-lutely."
"...an all new feel to the classic adventure genre."
-World of Fandom Magazine
"I would recommend HSA to anyone of any age, gender, race...basically anyone. HSA packs an interesting, entertaining punch with a flare that gets the reader completely wrapped up in the story!"
-Collector Times Online
"High Stakes Adventure lives up to the hype of the cover!"
-Pick of the Brown Bag Weekly
"delivered with good old fashioned Pizazz but given a modern edge.." and "modern pulp with a manga look about it!"
-The UK's Cybernet 2000
"Be sure to have High Stakes Adventure put on your 'pull list'. This is Shannon's best stuff yet."
-Ron Myrick; producer on the Hulk, Diabolik, and Avengers animated series
"The art rocks."
-Chris Demakes; lead singer of Less Than Jake
"High Stakes Adventure is definitely right up my alley. Be sure to check it out."
-Will Meugniot; producer on the X-men and Spider-Man animated series
"High Stakes Adventure is a top notch book, with some of the best quality in today's comic market for your buck! I'm definitely putting my money on it!"
-Marlo Alquiza; inker for Lady Pendragon
"High Stakes Adventure is definitely not your average bubble gum comicbook. Great stories and fantastic illustrations make it one of the most interesting and unique products out there. So prepare to plug in your mind... High Stakes Adventure is going to deliver a powerful and impressive stimulation throughout the imagination band!"
-Cedric Nocon; penciller for Tales of the Darkness
"HSA is definitly bringing back the fun comics have been missing for years. Reading HSA is like spending a Sunday afternoon at the local theartre watching an action/adventure movie marathon!"
-John Stinsman; penciller for Lady Pendragon
"Action-Adventure never looked so good! HSA is a can't miss creative combination. Give this one a shot!"
-Art Thibert; inker for the Fantastic Four and the X-men
"The art and stories are world class! This one is going somewhere! Pick this up and take it home! Oh, and don't forget to give the man behind the counter $2.95 first!"
-Glen David Miller; Visual Effects Artist and Animator for Seaquest and Titanic
"High Stakes Adventure looks like a lot of fun. I can't wait for more!"
-Roy Smith; Producer for the Silver Surfer animated series
"Two great talents in one book! High Stakes Adventure is at the top of my reading list!"
-Bryan J. Blevins, Flat Earth Prods.;Digital Artist for Hercules, Xena, Blade