At the turn of the last century pomp and circumstance were a common thing. There were those however that yearned for something else. Men and woman of action who despite their wealth wanted to live their lives to the extreme. In the social circles of wealth and power a select few were chosen to be the recipients of a mysterious invitation. The invitation said nothing more than a time and place and that no one other than the recipient was to know of this invite. One other thing adorned this card, bold words stating the words "The Adventurers Club". The select few who received this invitation to excitement now had to make the journey to the predestined meeting place. It is there the drama begins as we meet the characters in our story and embark on a tale so bold that to this day the mysterious organization is still discussed in hushed tones. So let us begin the with the introduction of this group known to a hearty few as the Adventurers Club.